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31/01/2022 20:33
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XP Rate: 5
SP Rate: 5
Adena Rate: 2
Drop Rate: 3
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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XP/SP= x5 Adena = x2 Drop= x3 Spoil= x3 Sealstone= x2 Quest= x1 Raid Boss Adena = x1 Drop= x1 Substack We have always tried to play as a single class in this game. And we created a system out of the ordinary. Now you can use 2 class properties at the same time instead of 1 class. So how will this happen? First of all, you need to create a character and quickly become lvl 76 and complete the 3rd mission. Afterwards, you need to have the Long Horn Item that drops from within by cutting the Long Horn Golconda Bosses in 4 different places. Later on? By going to SubStack Npcs located in Giran town. For example, your current class is Adveture. You want to get Phoenix Knight as 2nd class to this. By choosing Pheonix Knight over Npc, you get the 2nd class. And you can choose which class you want to stand on by changing the class on this npc. At the end of the job, you can use both Adventure and Phoenix Knight skills at the same time. Yes, you have the opportunity to make sub-stacks in the retail class after making the 3rd on the retail class and then collecting the necessary longhorn item. For example Titan/GrandKhauatari New Potions Our newly introduced pot system. You need the Olmahum Fur item to get these pots. We have recreated these items for you to farm with your characters up to level 61 on the Outlaw Forest map and with your characters at level 61 and above on the Blazing Swamp map. Olf' T-Shirt The olf's t-shirt item, which we have just brought to the game, will automatically appear in your bag as 1 lvl at the beginning. Then, by farming, it is possible to get olf's t-shirt up to vl 8 with mats and have these unique features. You can see the necessary materials from the npc on the game. Dynasty Items It is possible to reach all Dysnasty items from the npc named Kain in the town. A new feature has been added as masterwork in Dynasty armors. Obtaining these items is not that easy. First of all, it will be more useful for you to craft a and s grade items. Remember that you need a raid token for Dynasty and olf's items. You can easily see which bosses you can get from the Raid Boss Manager npc in the Giran. Do not forget that there are new features in A grade sets!
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